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Welcome to the tax consultant office Dransfeld 

Comprehensive consulting is essential. Paired with reliability, honesty and durabilty.
Our team is qualified in all questions about taxes with a powerfull partnership at the habitats Schneverdingen, Soltau, Hannover, Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg.  

Our business activities: 

  • Accounting/bookkeeping and payroll accounting
  • Audit of medium-sized GmbH (limited liability companies) and smaller AG (public limited  companies)
  • Real estate and property fund concepts
  • Tax consultation
  • Economic/ business consulting

Areas of expertise

  • Consulting and mentoring of founders of new businesses
  • Consulting and mentoring of (business-) corporate succession
  • Holding companies and integrated companies
  • Controlling and profit transfer agreements
  • Joint-stock companies
  • Corporate succession
  • Law of associations/registered clubs
  • Preparation of estate, inheritance and gift taxes 


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